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Our Values


We Support Family Farms –

Our chicken are raised cage free, on a balanced diet by California family farms. Our all naturally fresh chickens are allowed to roam free in spacious barns with fresh air and fresh water. All of our facilities are American Humane Certified. Healthy chickens means healthy food for your customers.

Antibiotic Free – Antibiotic resistance is an increasing health concern and we ensure our chickens are raised free of any antibiotics. Our birds healthy, vegetarian diets, access to fresh air and water as well as a clean, healthy environment help to build their own natural disease-fighting strength. No antibiotics, hormones or steroids ever!


Certified Organic – Our chickens are fed 100% organic, non-GMO feed without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our product is certified by Oregon Tilth to ensure quality. We meet the highest level of HACCP inspection with USDA and SQF certified level 2.

Social Responsibility – Sustainability is woven into our corporate culture. We care for our associates, a most valuable resource, by providing a full package of benefits. They are part of our extended family and we care for their well being.


Mission Statement

"Our mission is to manage our resources of quality raw materials and labor to provide food professionals with superior meat products that will help enhance the dining experience of their customers.


We are committed to providing a safe, productive, and enjoyable work environment for our team members. Our company culture seeks to provide the support and resources necessary to perform their tasks efficiently.”

“Nuestra misión es administrar nuestros recursos de materias primas y mano de obra de calidad para proporcionar a los profesionales de alimentos productos avícolas superiores que ayudarán a mejorar la experiencia gastronómica de sus clientes.

Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar un ambiente de trabajo seguro, productivo y agradable para los miembros de nuestro equipo. La cultura de nuestra empresa busca proporcionar el apoyo y los recursos necesarios para realizar sus tareas de manera eficiente.”

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