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Our Story

         Welcome to Campfire Meats.


Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in our products. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and our team. My name is Thomas Mathias, born, raised and schooled in England, I moved to California in 1997 following a dream of living the western lifestyle and starting my adult life in a new country that offered great opportunities. For the first few years of my fairytale American start, I worked on a large cattle operation in the Central Valley of California. I had the opportunity to blow across the deserts of this beautiful land as a hired hand. My horsemanship skills were that of a young Englishman with no riding experience, and to the sheer entertainment of my fellow ranch hands, I was affectionately called “ Cowboy Tom”. Nearly twenty years later the name still follows me.

Over the years, my passions have outgrown my cowboy lifestyle leading me into pigs, and finally to chicken. As the layers have peeled back through the years, we’ve settled into the chicken industry. Our company cuts and packs portion control chicken for food service customers in Northern and Central California. We strive to locally source the freshest chicken available from local family farmers like myself for a healthier, better tasting chicken. We employ new, state of the art processes, but still offer that old fashioned quality and taste. I am joined in business by my life partner, my backbone and mother of our three children who all participate in our small cattle operation raising the finest grass fed beef on our family ranch here in the Central Valley of California. We have surrounded ourselves with great industry professionals who work with us toward our common goals of Quality, Service and Customer Satisfaction. Our team of management has 126 years of combined food manufacturing experience. They, along with my family, are proud to offer Campfire Meats to your family.

I am proud to be a first generation American, a first generation rancher/ farmer, and a first generation business owner. I owe all these things to the great American Dream. Thank you again for your interest in our products. We’d love for you to keep an eye out for our Campfire Brand if you’re out on the town for a fancy meal, gathering around the campfire or at your dinner table.



Cowboy Tom

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